Thursday, November 24, 2011

Passing on a deal

Katie at Kitchen Stewardship is offering some Black Friday sales on her e-books.  I have the Everything Beans book and the Healthy Snacks to Go book and we have enjoyed recipes from both of them. I made the Cabbage Soup with Secret Super Food from the Everything Beans book for some friends and she said she liked it so much she couldn't get the spoon to her mouth fast enough. We're also big fans of the rice pudding from the snack book.

So, if you'd like to try them out she's offering 55% of The Everything Beans Book with code BFBEANS and 25% off Smart Sweets OR Healthy Snacks to Go with code SWEETSNACKS

Being a sweet tooth I'm rather tempted by the Smart Sweets book.

These are affiliate links so if you choose to purchase I'll receive a small commission. Thanks!

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