Friday, August 10, 2012

Our homeschool this year

I think I've mostly got everything that we'll be doing this year for first grade. I still need to sit down and make up a couple of schedules. I had that planned for last week but the impromptu Texas trip did away with that plan. I'd like to make up A, B and maybe C day schedules. I read about this idea on a blog (or maybe a forum) last year and thought it would fit well with my need to have a schedule with out being too strict.

 The idea is that the "A" schedule is for a day when you can really focus on school, everyone is in a good mood and there's little or no need to leave home.  It's the day when we'll do more than just the basics (reading comprehension. literature, math, and maybe Bible). It's the day that will include science, history, geography, handwriting, copywork and other important but not core subjects.

The "B" schedule is for days when there are outside things do be done like ballet.  This day will just be core subjects and maybe one other thing.

The "C" schedule is for one of those days. It will be the fun stuff like science experiments, composer/artist study, nature study and art.

We don't have a set curriculum per se rather I've been picking and choosing from different places to piece together things that will work for our family. That's one of the great things about homeschooling you can pick and choose and if you decide what you chose doesn't work you can scrap it and find something else. Here's some of what we'll be doing this year.

Rightstart Math (finishing up level A and hopefully starting and finishing level B)

Beautiful Feet History and Geography

English for the Thoughtful Child, Vol. 1

Queen Homeschool Pictures in Cursive ( I got ours from Rainbow Resource)

Christian Liberty Naure Reader

I've just started looking at We Choose Virtues and Apologia's What We Believe (this looks soooooo good and I reeeeeaaaaaally want to get it. I just found that it's discounted at CBD sooooo, we'll see) I think I'd like to incorporate both of these.

I don't have a set science curriculum, we'll go by subjects. I have a couple of nature study handbooks we'll pick and choose from.

My preschooler will follow along with some subjects (science, history, geography) and we'll be doing lots of hands on phonics and other fun stuff.

If you have any fabulous ideas with what to do with my 2 year old please do share!

Well, that was more than I'd planned on writing out. I should see about dinner now.

There are a couple of Amazon affiliate links in here ( I think I did it right). So, now you know.

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